Our researchers work tirelessly to develop novel drugs and revolutionize treatments for chronic illness and drug-resistant diseases, impacting the lives of millions.

Antibiotics against Superbugs image
Antibiotics against Superbugs

A marine life research team discovered 7,300 new ocean species and a new type of bacteria that have the potential for new antibiotics development, providing new hope to millions of patients suffering from rare diseases.

Brain Cancer image
Brain Cancer

A drug molecule co-identified by our research team offers hope of longer life to chemo-resistant patients of a rare and deadly type of brain cancer – secondary glioblastoma.

HIV image

An interdisciplinary research group has mapped out the fitness landscape of a crucial protein in HIV by employing a computational framework, potentially paving the way for the design of a vaccine that may force the deadly virus to mutate into forms that destroy it.

Lung Disease image
Lung Disease

We are developing an innovative medicine ATYR1923, a potential therapeutic for patients suffering from interstitial lung diseases with no known cure, through clinical development.

Mental Disorders image
Mental Disorders

The unveiling of the fundamental mechanism that causes schizophrenia and other serious psychiatric conditions may potentially lead to the development of new treatments and drugs for mental disorders.