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Keeping It Real Bed

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Keeping It Real Bed September 2019

Keeping in tune with the catalogue`s theme, the cover image shows a comfortable, casual and colourful living room. Unlike the 2017 cover, which featured a group of friends gathered around a table, this year`s cover image has no people in it. Presumably, you`re meant to put yourself in the shot.The walls of the living room are (big surprise...not!) a colour akin to Millennial Pink. There`s a group of large potted plants in one corner, and the sofa (a cheerful bright yellow) has just enough toss pillows to make it clear that you`re welcome to get horizontal and indulge in some binge-watching if you like.

Of course there are bookshelves, and they hold a healthy selection of magazines, paperbacks, and a few containers of what could be crafting supplies. All very tidily arranged, of course. Interestingly, there`s not a bit of technology in sight.

Last year, for the first time ever, the catalogue featured real people around the world talking about how Ikea is connected to the way they live. They`ve gone with that idea in this catalogue, too.Among the profiles are a Parisian designer who used only Ikea products to create an opulent "modern day Marie Antoinette" bedroom in a Copenhagen apartment and a British `urban nomad` who needs furniture and storage solutions that will enable him to quickly create a welcoming environment in his rental apartment — he`s in Berlin at the moment.

These profiles present Ikea products in an aesthetically driven way. It`s about the idea that Ikea furniture allows you to create any number of looks beyond the stereotypical Scandi-Modern.

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