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New Catalogue Is Here And We Are Excited

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New Catalogue Is Here And We Are Excited September 2019

It`s like Christmas Day for Ikea fanatics because our favourite Scandinavian mega-retailer has released its 2018 catalogue.Although a bricks-and-mortar "Big Blue Box" has yet to arrive in New Zealand (despite all our best efforts), we`ve had a good look through these pages and we have the inside scoop on what`s inside and therefore what we may see in parallel imports. Metal Frame Twin Bed

The focus of the issue is on creating spaces in your home that allow you to do Best Metal Frame Twin Bed what you love. Accordingly, the theme is about taking a look inside yourself, and finding out — and embracing — the things that make you feel happy, content and energised. The catalogue`s slogan of "Make room for life!" is meant to let you know that your home is an extension Frame Twin Bed of your personality, Bedroom and everything in your living spaces — from furniture and fabric to colour and functionality — should support the way you choose to live.

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